Economic Development Strategy

Councils Economic Development are currently developing a new 10 year Economic Development Strategy for Cabonne. It is anticipated to be presented to Council in draft shortly.

In the meantime, Council continues to implement and deliver the outcomes of the present Economic Development Strategy. Partnerships, linkages and cooperation underpin this strategy and its implementation.

The Strategy demonstrates the commitment of Council to developing the local economy as a core function of local government, for the benefit of all local residents.

Council's Economic Development Mission is "To enable and encourage the development of a prosperous, well balanced and sustainable local economy capable of meeting the economic and employment needs of Cabonne's communities whilst safeguarding the amenities and high quality environment of the Shire."

The Strategy involves four key areas of Economic Development, these being:

  1. Business Retention and Expansion
  2. Community Development, Infrastructure and Services
  3. Communications, Promotion and Branding
  4. Tourism

Cabonne Council's Economic Development Strategy 2006-2009